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Brandon Grass

Brandon Grass is a full-time real estate agent in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in the interior region of BC. He proudly provides real estate services to buyers and sellers throughout Kelowna, West Kelowna, Lake Country and Peachland.

Brandon first discovered the Okanagan on a weekend trip to Kelowna. He says, “ it took me a matter of minutes before I realized that this is somewhere I could live “ apparently, he wasn’t joking; less than two weeks later, Brandon had made that move a reality. Over the past 11 years, Brandon has fallen even more in love with everything the Okanagan has to offer.


What Brandon Loves About Living in the Okanagan!

I love having the opportunity to live in the Okanagan, enjoy the laid-back lifestyle where time does slow down, and no one seems to be in too big of a hurry ever! 

Traffic is WAY less than Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. While the highways and roads are busier throughout the summer, once September 7th rolls around, the traffic almost goes away completely. 

I love seeing all the wonderful changes that our city is making to accommodate the growth. 

I love living so close to everything! I'm less than 5 minutes from the lake. Our family LOVES heading to Pritchard Park in West Kelowna for an evening swim and cannonball session off the dock. 

I'm less than 15 minutes from downtown Kelowna, where we love to head down as a family and spend a few hours playing on the playground in Kelowna's city park or take a quick swim in the lake. 

Afterwards, we love grabbing a bite to eat at Cactus Club overlooking the lake and marina, and if we still have enough room enjoying two scoops of the freshest ice cream on a homemade waffle cone from Moolix on Bernard. 

I love living less than 60 minutes away from Big White Ski Resort, where we love to go as a family a few times every year. I love that we aren't too far away from family. 

Both my parents live in the Lower Mainland, and travelling by car is less than three hours away. 

I love that my family lives in a safe, secure neighbourhood where you don't have to worry about whether or not your doors are locked.

From Scrubbing Toilets to Selling Real Estate

Five years ago, if you were to have eaten at a busy restaurant in Canada and noticed it was impeccably clean, there is an excellent chance that Brandon's cleaning staff were the ones responsible. 

What started with just a dream of one day owning my own business became a reality when a small neighbourhood Whitespot restaurant gave me an opportunity and said, sure, you can clean our restaurant. 

For the next ten years, I grew this business into a national full-service restaurant cleaning company that serviced some of the highest volume restaurants across Canada. A list of A-list clients we served included Cara Food Group, Red Robin, Joeys, Cactus Club Cafe, White Spot and many more.

So Why The Change To Real Estate?

Usually, when I share my story with others, almost everyone always asks me why I left the cleaning business to sell real estate. The very short answer is my family. The longer answer is my mom, my wife and my son Nixon. 

When Nixon was born in 2014, I was running all over Canada from Toronto to Calgary to Edmonton to Vancouver to Kelowna, and my business was expanding faster than I could keep up. With new cleaning contracts, the need for more staffing, and the sheer time commitments running the business required pulled me entirely away from the most important thing to me, my family.

My mom knew I was so happy, living my dream on the business side of things, but was so unhappy with being pulled in so many different directions. So she suggested that I make a transition into real estate. As any intelligent son would do, I didn’t ignore that motherly advice. 

Now in my fifth year as a licensed real estate agent, I can honestly say I couldn’t be any happier. I love what I do and love that I can work as hard as I want but still be home every night to spend quality time with my family.

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