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What your FREE home value report will include

Your Homes Value

Will prepare and record a personalized, and confidential video reviewing all of the information including the most recent sales, and active listings that we have researched and compared to determine your home value.

Detailed Market Insights

Will provide you with the latest market statistics that matter the most to you.

This will include..

An in-depth breakdown of the 5 most similar homes that have sold within the last six months or sooner.

A detailed summary of similar homes to yours that are currently on the market and being offered for sale..

If any, a collection of any expired, withdrawn and cancelled listings that are similar to your home.

Market Trends

While we don't have a crystal ball nor can we predict the future. Using the latest statistics from our local MLS (OMREB) will highlight the following stats for your specific neighbourhood including..

  • The average sale price 
  • Number Of Sales (last 90 days) 
  •  Average Days On market 
  • New Listings (last 90 days) 
  • Listing Inventory 
  • Months Of Supply

Here are a few questions you might have...

If you've landed on this page, there is a good chance that you might be thinking about selling your Okanagan home, and if you're like most people, you probably have a few unanswered questions when it comes to the home selling process.

How much is my Okanagan Home really worth?

Is now the best time to sell, and if not now when?

What is the current Okanagan real estate market like right now?

Are we in a Buyers or Sellers market?

What does the process of listing my home for sale consist of?

Can I cancel the listing agreement at anytime?

Get all your questions answered on a confidential one-on-one call with Brandon 

Throughout the last year, I have extended my educational background and taken specialized certifications in representing sellers in the sale of their home that includes…

Pricing Strategy Advisor
Seller Representative Specialist
Senior Real Estate Specialist

pricing stategy advisor
seller representative specialist- brandon grass
senior real estate specialist – brandon grass

If at any point you are considering hiring me or thinking about hiring me for the job of listing and selling your home, then simply request a copy of my strategic home marketing plan where Inside i’ll reveal industry trade Secrets on how I'm able to successfully sell 4.5 times more homes than the average Okanagan realtor and how I’m able to get my listings SOLD 30 days faster for 99% of asking price. I’ll also include information on:

  • World Class Client Care & Communication
  • Exceptional Marketing Materials
  • Leveraging the Power of Social Media and the Internet
  • Exclusive email marketing
  • Traditional marketing, done in a new way
  • Processes & Workflows
email marketing


My Recent Sales

Watch this helpful and informative video playlist on some of the most frequently asked questions and answers home sellers have.

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Videos to help you sell smarter!

Free Seller's Guide

Request your very own Home Sellers Guide that is packed with helpful information including

- First Time Sellers
- Understanding The real estate market
- 7 things to look for in a real estate agent
- Why pricing your home is crucial to your success
- 6 tips to pricing your home for sale
- Staging tips to sell your home
- Home cleaning tips
- I’ve got an offer what do I do?
- You’ve sold, now what?

Home Sellers Guide Video

A Complete guide to Selling your Okanagan HomeSELLERS GUIDE


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